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Who are we?

Our Mission

In response to God’s love and grace, we will 

welcome, serve, love, and worship with 

the community and the world!

Our Vision


By the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ through the Spirit, we are

made in God's image. God’s boundless diversity includes all people including all people of color, their sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions (LGBTQIA+) and abilities, so at Immanuel Lutheran Church we will:

Welcome our neighbors as God has first welcomed us

Serve as we have been served

Share the story of God’s love as God has loved us

Engage in Jesus centered worship and education together.


To fully live out this vision, we will:

Welcome and accept each person as they are.

Invite all into loving relationships with God, with one another, and within the communities in which we live and serve.

Encourage all to support this life changing work at Immanuel and beyond through service, prayer, Word, and sacrament.

Welcome Statement

Welcome to Immanuel!!!

We welcome you today to worship with us in this space.  We share God’s grace and mercy with all who pass through these doors.  People of all colors, sexual orientations, gender identities’, gender expressions and LGBTQIA+ identified individuals are welcome. We invite people regardless of their race, religion, or country of origin, to worship and join our community.  We are committed to racial equity. The Holy Spirit guides us as we celebrate the Word and Sacrament using a variety of liturgies and music, in a variety of spaces--in the sanctuary, in the garden, on Facebook, on community television, in homes, in hospitals and wherever else we are led.  We invite you to celebrate with us and join our family and our ministry.   All who believe in the presence of Jesus, the Christ, in the elements of wine and bread are welcome at the communion table.  We invite the Sunday School students, confirmation students and adults to assist with worship since worship is essential.

We worship together to receive forgiveness, so that we can forgive.  We serve all in response to God’s love and mercy, both those in our community and those beyond our walls.  We witness God’s greatness within our community and beyond and want to use our gifts to share the good news.  We offer opportunities for learning whether you are a child, youth, or adult and whether you are new to the scriptures or more familiar with the scriptures.  Our learning includes learning to care for God’s creation and seeing Christ in everyone we meet.  We encourage all to join in fellowship.  Welcome to all who worship or minister with us today.  We hope that your experience provides meaning and comfort to you on this day that the Lord has made.  Alleluia!

Our Prayer

Our prayer is that coming to Immanuel is like coming home - to a warm, caring family of acceptance and faith. With strong ties to our rich history and tradition, yet an eye on the changing needs of our community, we are walking boldly into the future together: a future of hope, excitement, and growth in Christ.

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