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Eva Leo Art

 Eva Leo was born in Germany in 1901.  She was the daughter of the Bishop of the local region of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  She studied art in Bremen, Germany and became the first female metal sculptor of Germany.  She met Paul Leo in 1937 at an art exhibit.  Paul was incarcerated at Buchenwald in 1938, but later released if he would leave the country within 2 months due to his Jewish heritage.  

Eva was German and not allowed to immigrate to America and instead immigrated to Venezuela, where Paul and she were married.  

Paul became the Professor of Greek and New Testament studies at Wartburg Seminary.  He died in 1958, and Eva took over his classes.  She continued her metal sculpting, working primarily in hammered copper.  Her artwork is found in Dubuque, Iowa Alsterdorf Church in Hamburg, Germany and in Viroqua, Wisconsin at Immanuel.  

Eva died in 1998 at the age of 97.

Altar Cross

Pastor Charles Shepherd Commissioned the Altar Cross that hangs above the altar.  It has two sides.  The side pictured here is "River of Life".  Elements include the ChiRho, Alpha and Omega,as well as the river flowing in all directions.  God as King is depicted by the crown.  An interesting element is the serpent in the lower part of the cross.  Our friends at Good Shepherd Viroqua, paid for the commission as a gift for the newly constructed church.  

Copper cross revised.jpg


This is a three panel piece that depicts Christ's mission.  It reads, " God became man, to help, to heal, not to be served, but to serve.  

It hangs over the doorway to the sanctuary.  

Baptismal Bowl

This baptismal bowl has served Immanuel since 1970.  It reads, " I have called you by name, You are mine".

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